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PHENIX handles all the problems related to managing your end-of-life products as part of a 360° service.


Analysis and optimization of existing processes

PHENIX offers a turn-key service:
• On-site audit with the entire company hierarchy
• Analysis and recommendations
• Preparation and implementation of selected measures



Establishment and fostering of a network of recipients

PHENIX will give you access to a vast network of recipients (associations, discount outlets, recyclers etc.) and connect you to the right contact to suit your needs, the type of product you want to repurpose and any logistical constraints.



Raising awareness and training

PHENIX will also assist you with improving staff awareness and training in best practices and new anti-waste practices. We do this by conducting training sessions, tagging warehouses and storage areas, and producing informational booklets, posters and flyers for your employees.



Web platform

PHENIX uses an innovative, high-powered tool to automatically link all our senders’ offers with the needs of our recipients, thus simplifying processes, minimizing administration time, guaranteeing fast responses and ensuring effortless tracking.



Tracking and reporting

Our web platform will give you access to tracking and reporting tools, as well as accurate follow-up and statistical analyses.



Legal and health intelligence

Thanks to its involvement in research on anti-waste solutions, PHENIX enjoys a privileged position as an observer and offers intelligence and support services on sanitary issues, the law and fiscal matters.



Integration of our cooperation into your CSR strategy and sustainability policy

A partnership with PHENIX will help you improve your CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategy thanks to concrete measures designed to reduce waste. In turn, these measures will bolster performance indicators for your CSR and sustainability policies.