Join our network and benefit from our solutions today.

When it comes to managing your excess food and non-food products, we’ll be at your side from start to finish. Our personalized, turn-key services are tailored to your needs and constraints (whether financial, logistical or organizational).

We have in-depth knowledge of a variety of sectors affected by surplus stock. Our clients include wholesale distributors, specialist distributors, discount outlets, caterers, event agencies and more.

We will adapt our solutions to your needs and work closely with your organization to implement them.


5 reasons to join us:

1. Lower disposal costs and tax benefits
PHENIX will help you reduce disposal costs, from storage to landfills.

2. A wide network of recipients for your surplus products and waste
Our network will allow you to quickly and easily find a recipient for your unsold items.

3. Easy access to follow-up and support
Our hotline is available at all times to handle your queries as quickly as possible.
Example: An association is not available to receive your donations. We will find you a replacement association as quickly as possible.
We will also help train your employees and raise general awareness of the issues surrounding waste and the solutions available.

4. Access to our web platform
Our geolocation platform automatically locates organizations that can claim your surplus stock and will alert them in real time to the availability of your products, consistent with short circuits and the circular economy.

5. Achieve your organization’s CSR commitments
We will help you to change your internal procedures and achieve your CSR and sustainability goals.
For more information please contact:

» Sarah Lenoble – M : – T : (202) 344-0354