We handle all of your unsold food and non-food products.
PHENIX helps you to reduce waste using the flows of the circular economy.

Our services

PHENIX offers a wide range of services in order to implement concrete actions for the repurposing of end of life products.PHENIX offers a wide range of services to help companies put in place concrete revalorisation strategies for end-of-life products.

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  • Raising awareness

    Staff training and coaching on the challenges of food waste, best practices and new procedures to follow.

  • Network of recipients

    Our vast network of recipients and in-depth knowledge of the supply chain allow us to find the right recipient at the right time and for the right volume of goods.

  • Web platform

    Our innovative tool connects senders and recipients in real time.

  • CSR strategy

    Our collaboration can be fully integrated into your CSR and sustainability strategies thanks to tangible measures designed to reduce waste.

  • Legal and fiscal intelligence

    Our unique position as an observer allows us to answer all of your questions on sanitary, legal and fiscal matters.

  • Analysis and optimisation

    Of processes in three stages: observation; needs analysis and recommendations; implementation of solutions and follow-up.

Our network against waste:

Our position as a key industry player, our network of partners and our collaborative web platform allow us to reliably link supply and demand for surplus products in real time.